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Welcome Marin Horizon Alumni!

You remain a cherished part of our school's legacy.


Your journeys beyond Marin Horizon shape not only your narratives but also enrich our broader school community. The insights and experiences you've gathered along the way are invaluable to us. We genuinely wish to keep the bond strong by hearing about the milestones you're achieving and the dreams you're pursuing. We also also excited to update you on the latest happenings here in Homestead Valley. Please know that our doors are always open for a visit and a warm 'Hello'.

Follow our school page for updates and invites to events on Facebook.

See the latest and follow for updates and invites to upcoming alumni events on Instagram.

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Let's continue our dialogue, for you are an integral thread in the ever-evolving story of Marin Horizon.

We hope to see you soon!

Stay in Touch.

Alumni, please take a minute to update your latest contact information. We are always looking for notable life events to include in this year's Alumni communications. Please share your stories with us and your fellow Marin Horizon alumni!

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